What a weekend! Things have really started to roll around here the last few days. We started renovating the last room in our house. Can't wait to get sheetrock mud out of my sight... and hopefully never have to see it again! You would know what I mean if you used a palette knife and textured 4 big rooms by hand and filled in numerous cracks. Oh the joys of an old house. The good thing is you wouldn't recognize this house from the before and afters. (Too bad we don't have many of those!) Hubby is also working on the kitchen cabinets again! That is very exciting... for me anyway!!! This weekend I also started a new painting, took pictures of some originals to finally add to the shop, got together with some family, and did all the ordinary weekend stuff like church, some housework, and playing outdoors with Kaelyn. All that in 2.5 days! Wish I was always that productive!

Then a real treat was on Sunday afternoon when I sat down for a short bit and was checking a couple blogs... I was reading myhandmadecrafts about Showcase Week 8 - The Final Showcases. Kept reading through to Star Feature of 8th week - enduringarts... That's ME!!! I didn't even read enduringarts first I saw my painting! Then I read it and it was one of the sweetest posts! Really, its what encourages me to keep doing what I'm doing. I love when people get my pieces and care about the meanings. I needed that... I really did. So thank you My Handmade Crafts for making my weekend even better!

Check out her shop. She is a talented designer from Singapore! I love several items in her shop, especially this necklace which also comes in white... really like that one too:

{Turquoise Rose with Swarovski Elements}

Isn't it beautiful!?

I also just found out that MagMoment included my Bike Love card in her lovely treasury, A Better Life! So fun! Her color selection is beautiful! Check out her lovely photography HERE.

Okay, now for what I promised last week... photos of my new hairstyle. My mom took the before and after shots. Here is the before:

Its been long for quite a few years.

(Kaelyn was begging to be in the photo with me-little cheeseball!)

And the after...





The back was a huge change! I couldn't believe that was my head! :)
Hubby thinks I look like a teenager with short hair. What do you think?
Either way I love that I have body and it's easier to fix.

And a couple more photos my mom captured that I love:
There aren't many of me and my girl so I was super happy to have these. Thanks Mom!


Jill said...

too cute!

Leslie said...

I love the new hair!!