Wonderful Weekend!

The sun was beautifully shining on Friday and thankfully is still hanging around. My weekend started Friday afternoon with a haircut! My hair has been down to the middle of my back for quite some time and I was ready for a change. Now it's the shortest I have ever gone. (Maybe once I get a good picture of the cut I'll share... keep you in suspense for a while. Hee, hee.) After the cut I spent a few minutes shopping. I found a couple jeans for myself and lots of clothes for Kaelyn at amazing prices. I get such a high when I find adorable little name brand outfits for my girl and they have such a nice price tag. It seriously makes me so happy... you might think I'm crazy! Oh well, that's okay.

We were up and about early Saturday morning... 5:15am to be exact! I am NOT a morning person but it was all for a good reason... hubby's first marathon! To clue you all in on my husband, he started biking and running oh about 3 years ago and showed some amazing talent. He did his first triathlons last year and he as run several 5 and 10K's plus one 15.2 mile race and always placed in the top 10%! This year his goal was to run a marathon. He's never run that far before and hadn't run more than 20 miles the day of the race! (A marathon is 26.2 miles.) So Saturday morning was filled with excitement and anticipation. I just wanted him to have fun and enjoy the day. Kaelyn and I would be popping up all over through his race to cheer him on. Here are a few shots:

7am start time. 800 people signed up to run. Around 40 relay teams, a bunch of half marathoners, and over 200 people running the entire marathon. This photo above was taken right at the beginning. I love that 3 guys smiled for the picture! Ha, ha! Only knew one, my husband is in the white and black shorts with white T-shirt.

Beautiful morning. This was taken at 5 miles into the race. I was surprised how spread out everyone already was.

So close to the finishing line! Kaelyn is cheering on her daddy. He went to give her a second high five during the race and ended up picking her up to finish with him.

Awe... so sweet. You could hear a bunch of ohs and awes from the crowd. :)

Completed in just over 3.5 hours and in the top 25%. Wow! It would have taken me an entire day to go 26.2 miles! I have one determined man who I couldn't be more proud of!

Sunday was a nice family day. Time for hubby to relax and I got some much needed weeding done. Lots more yet to go, but a good start.
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


Meg said...

wow, that's impressive! i am always amazed at people who can run marathons.. i can't run a couple of miles without feeling like i'm going to die! good for your hubby!

ModredVintage said...

Wow, you must be very proud of him.

Jill said...

good for you for getting a haircut! I too have had long hair most of my life and I'm ready for a change. Great for you that you have supported and built up your hubby! Too many couple tear eachother down and it is so nice to see you aren't one of "those".

Jodi Ulschmid said...

Thanks for the comments you guys! I am definitely proud of him. He's always setting goals for himself and achieving them. So glad we can be each other's biggest supporter. I'm with you Meg... I'm not a runner either! :)

The Queen Of Re said...

nice to "meet" you.

Congrats to your hubby.