Time in the Kitchen

My paintings have not been turning out like I want this week so I've spent more time in the kitchen. Sometimes I just get hungry for a good meal and if I see a really good picture of something with a fairly easy recipe on the net it keeps tempting me until I finally give in and try it out. So Monday started off with making this bread:

{Artisan Bread & Recipe from ModEco Kids}

Doesn't it look really good? The recipe makes a lot of dough so you can keep it in the fridge til your ready for the next round. Also you can keep the bowl in the fridge without washing it out and continue making the dough for a sourdough taste!

Since I had so much dough on Tuesday I decided to make some homemade pizza. It made a really good crust! So much healthier than you would buy in a store or restaurant! I hate seeing a layer of grease on pizza. Here's what it looked like minus the spinach, cuz I didn't have any on hand.

{Pizza pic found HERE with link to a different crust recipe}

For the topping I used olive oil, crushed (smooth) garlic, ricotta cheese, mozzarella, onions and tomatoes.

Since I had photos of the other good food I snapped one of last nights supper of pork chops. Kaelyn and I love real mashed potatoes with gravy! (Every so often when we don't have much time we go with instant potatoes, and you tell your self they aren't that bad... but then you make the real thing and oh, it's so much better!) We finished off the bread from Monday too. We'll see if I have enough dough to make another boule and pizza crust tonight.


Meg said...

that pizza looks amazing!! i definitely need to make some homemade pizza soon. yum.

SSVintage said...

Wow! That bread looks *SO* Gorgeous! Yummy :)

I'm going to have to check that recipe out for sure!
Great post :)

Samantha :)

ModredVintage said...

That looks so good. I think I'll make some bread this weekend.

Sarah B. said...

Everything you made looks drool-worthy! My husband has recently gotten into bread-making and I, of course, have been very encouraging :)