Adding Originals

In between renovating I will gradually be adding a few acrylic originals to my etsy shop. I have a custom modern portrait listing like the one above available now. Fun for children, couples or even a favorite pet. Click HERE for more details.

Ok, now we need to have lunch so I can do more sanding, mudding, then work on my next original listing. Happy Tuesday!


mairedodd said...

that is so wonderful! have to look into this -

ModredVintage said...

That is wonderful-it really turned out well. I would be bragging to everyone if I did that.

VeganCraftastic said...

wow, super cute!

Wendy Schreter said...

I love your new haircut. It is adorable. You do look like a teenager!!! You must be making your hubby proud :)
I think you will do fine with your thyroid ablation. Taking a pill is sure better than having surgery. Having an overactive thyroid has got to be one of the worst feelings to have to deal with. I'll bet you won't believe how much better you will feel after this is all done and over with..If you only have one child, you sure have a good one to be blessed with! Sometimes we have to put our lives in Gods' hands and let him make our choices and know that they are the right ones (if not for us, for him)....Maybe if you had a slew of kids, you woudln't be able to do all the extra creative things you do now to make people so happy. Maybe you wouldn't be able to a church goer and supporter if you were tired from chasing kids all day. An only child can be fine. Just ask Shania :)

Wendy Schreter