Kaelyn's Nursery/Toddler Room Tour

Ha, ha! Do you remember this post here where I said I would post pictures of Kaelyn's room when it was all decorated? Well, I'm finally going to share it with you! Oh where does the time go. Its been done for awhile now, and guess what, its probably one of the least expensive nursery, or now toddler rooms you will find! Almost everything is DIY projects and I think it turned out pretty fun!

I asked my dad if he could whip up a little art table for Kaelyn. He had it done within a couple days and she loves it for drawing and her tea parties! The fabulous easy to clean chairs came from Walmart of all places for only $5 each!

The doorways and windows show the character of the old house we live in. My favorite feature.

I did the modern canvas painting of Kaelyn from when she was 4 months old. The flag banner was made from some scrap fabrics. The 'read' wooden letters came from Hobby Lobby and I painted them red. Hubby drilled holes in the back for me to hang them. Hubby also made the bookcase. Kaelyn really needed that with her huge collection of books! The dresser came from my brother. It was blond with gold handles... we modernized it!
Curtains came from the World Market. My mom bought Kaelyn the beautiful stain glass hanging from a lady who makes them here in our hometown. Have to love all the handmade goodness!

David picked up the crib for a steal. He had to fix a couple springs but after that it was in good shape. The plan was to paint it white but with all the other house renovations going on it never got done.

The wall decor was a fun and easy project. The hoops came from Hobby Lobby and were spiced up with some fun fabric scraps. The 'K' was hand stitched on.

The silhouette picture of Kaelyn was made using Photoshop and Illustrator. I'll try and share a better view of it in another post. The prayer is like the ones available in my etsy shop. I always had a prayer over my bed when I was little so wanted my daughter to have something similar.

The closet door was one of the major project remodels in this room. We widened the closet opening and put nice folding doors in. It made for a lot easier access to everything inside.

That concludes the tour of Kaelyn's room. Hope you enjoyed it!


Priscilla Jo Neilson said...

Well done Jodi. . . super impressed with all that you've done. Keep it up!!!

mairedodd said...

love the tour of kaelyn's room! it is wonderful and has such a great feel to it... she must love being in there - and you as well... i really think that everyone having a hand in making things creates such a meaningful space... it's beautiful ~

Jodi Ulschmid said...

Thanks ladies!!!