Country Baby

Part of Thursday afternoon was spent at my parents place, the farm that I grew up on. It was fun to see Kaelyn running around the yard and exploring. It was a beautiful day... so peaceful with the birds happily singing in the background, the warmth from the sun shining down on us... oh the wide open country is wonderful!

Some bubbles had to be blown too! That didn't last too long as she accidentally poured most of it out of the tube. Good thing we have lots more at home! (Kaelyn's also sporting one of my newer headbands I made. They have been a fun project and having them modeled even makes it better!)

Kaelyn flew her first kite in the nice open space across the street from our house on Wednesday. She was delighted and didn't want to stop for supper! It wasn't even flying most of the time, but she didn't care. Dragging it around behind her was about just as fun!

Have a great weekend!

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