Digital Photo Book: Layouts and Photo Ideas

Kaelyn's baby book is over half complete! Very exciting! Today, I want to talk a little about taking photos. First of all if your using a digital camera... which most people today are, take LOTS. I take a whole bunch but usually only a handful are keepers. Which the good thing is I'm not out any money and the keepers are worth so much. These photos will be treasured keepsakes. Without them I wouldn't remember most of the wonderful happenings and how little Kaelyn once was! When your taking pictures, try to get an interesting angle. You don't always have to center your main subject. Off center is usually best. The good thing with Photoshop your able to crop and rotate your photos.

Think about the details when your taking photos. The details can include so many things like the subjects showing size differences, unique positioning to having different creative backgrounds... or just clean backgrounds. Its usually easier to get good backgrounds when shooting outdoors. When inside a home if there's a messy background, hang a sheet or drape it over something. Your photos will look a lot more professional. Lighting is also another detail to keep in mind. But overall, just have fun experimenting, be creative and snap photos you will want to keep or share with others.

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