Digital Photo Book: Keep Going

Hello, hello! Wow, things have been crazy here. Crazy but good. The last couple of weeks we've been spending a lot of time with relatives, getting ready for the art/craft show, picking up limbs at three households (my own even twice, thanks to the lovely South Dakota wind), working on some new projects and Kaelyn has had fun having the little neighbor girl over for some play dates. With so much happening I've still managed to get a few more pages done on Kaelyn's book. Not a lot but I have to remember that every little bit helps and the end is in sight! Next Wednesday I'll try to share another one of my favorite Photoshop tools with you. It is a must know for touch ups and cleaning up backgrounds. But for now I'll share just a few of my new pages...

I love the pictures of Kaelyn asleep on me. That rarely happened... seriously I could count the number of times on one hand! I think every time she fell asleep when she was a baby I took a picture! Funny I know. But seriously I thought all babies slept until she arrived. Now I know otherwise. Our little energizer bunny... love your energy... kinda wish I had some of it!

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