My Baby Girl's Birthday Invitations

It seems like just a few months ago you were born... even though I can't really remember you being only 6lbs! (I was too sleep deprived!) Now you are such a big girl. Talking all the time and for about the last month you have been saying you're two. Slow down! Before you know it you will be starting school, so please don't rush your age any more than you have to! It seems like you come up with something new everyday and I'm so lucky and happy I get to witness it. This morning you were fake coughing and saying "I sick." Not sure where you got that from but you made me laugh! You tried so hard to make me believe you. (Unless your laying down for more than 2 minutes, I don't think I'll ever believe you. Your too much of an energizer bunny to stay still and fake being sick!) You are one entertaining little girl. This coming Monday you really do turn 2 and family is invited to come help celebrate on Sunday. I hope you have a wonderful day!

About the invite: The adorable outfit was made by Cheryl of Just Girls & Boys. She took Kaelyn's measurements and made it to fit her perfectly. Her prices are amazing. I even hit this outfit on sale before Christmas! Its tempting to have Cheryl make Kaelyn a whole wardrobe. My talented mother made Kaelyn's hat. (She wears it a lot as I'm sure you've noticed seeing it in earlier posts.) After a couple challenging photo shoots with my little busy body we finally got some good shots and were able to start designing. I quickly drew a flower graphic that went with the outfit using my genius pen. (That is one amazing tool!) Then I printed the designs out on luster paper and the second birthday invitations were complete.

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Jodi L. Spilde said...

Love the photo books! I've always wanted to make one. "Oprah" had an offer about a year ago for a free one. I tried desperately to make one, but had problems with them loading and sizing. Ugh. Anyway, love the color scheme on the invitations. Happy Birthday, Kaelyn!! Love her hat, too! I didn't know your mom could knit! (I don't know how with needles.) Hopefully see you tomorrow!