Unexpected Bike Swap Project

Yesterday was a busy day to say the least. Printing some orders, getting them ready for the post office, tackling Kaelyn to get her in her winter gear to come along, getting back and designing a postcard design that needs to be sent to the printer today, along with the normal daily tasks. Planned on painting the final coat on the trim, windows, and doors in the art room when David got home, but when he got here at 5:30-6:00 pm
he says: I have a project for YOU!

I said: Oh, what is it?

he said: The bike swap coming up... they sell all sorts of bikes, bike parts, gear, anything related to bikes including art! I talked to a guy that is selling stuff there and asked if he would sell some of your bike art since we can't be there, and he said he would.

me: Sounds good, when is it?

him: Sunday

me: This Sunday???

him: Yeah, the last day I'll see him is tomorrow (Friday).

me: What!?

him: Get busy printing stuff!!!

So this meant designing a couple more color options and quite a bit of printing. I also had to frame a couple for show. Hopefully people will enjoy them and want them in their home or office space. From 6:00 to shortly after midnight that is what I was working on. Here is a shot of just a few things going to the show:

The good part is even if they don't sell they will be ready to ship for etsy. I usually do print on demand, so as long as little hands don't get to them we should have a few in stock. If your interested in a bike print you can order through my Enduring Arts shop. Just a note: there are better photos of the designs in the shop. A few of the new color options aren't on there yet and the cards will be listed sometime soon after the show if you are interested.

Now, hopefully tonight I can work on my art room! When its finished, I'll be sure to share before and after shots of the room!

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