Body & Soul Spa Day

{image via Aubrey + Lindsay}

A bright, refreshing photo to go along with some relaxing and refreshing weekend happenings. Saturday was a little birthday celebration for my mom. Then Sunday I went to a Body & Soul Spa event held at my church with my grandma and mother. I have to admit, I wasn't too excited to go. I had flashbacks to a similar event back in college and it just wasn't worth while, and you know with so many things going on in your life you just think is this the best way to spend my time??? But it turned out to be amazing and the ladies that put it on did an outstanding job. This is what it consisted of... there were a variety of little stations set up like manicures, pedicures, facials, labyrinth where you colored in the path, and a massage from an actual licensed massage therapist. You could pick anything you wanted. While you waited for your turn you could eat a variety of yummy cheesecakes, drink coffee, chat with others, or read a number of cards that went along with bible verses. There were also an arrangement of homemade recipes to try like lotions, sprays, oil treatments and more. Every church should set something up like this... it was a great time for fellowship, relaxing and being pampered by another member of the church. (There was also free babysitting provided.) I think this event should happen every Sunday... especially since your supposed to relax on the seventh day anyway! :)

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