Cheese Over Cake

{photo from Kaelyn's second birthday}

Last week was such a whirlwind that I forgot to share how Kaelyn's two year check-up went. I know some of you were curious as what we would find out about her allergies. Well we didn't get any verified answers really, but things do look good. When I took Kaelyn to the appointment she was her usual loud self in the waiting room yelling 'hi' to people across the big room. But things soon changed when they called her name and she realized she was the one being checked. She's so terrified of needles that she stayed as close to me as possible and only whispered a couple answers to the nurse when asked. So the doctor said that they didn't want her to be so scared every time she came in and decided against doing any more allergy testing or other vaccinations at that time. Her doctor said to just keep gradually bringing back the products with egg and milk and see if she has any more reactions. We're supposed to try yogurt again with her before switching her off goat milk but she isn't cooperating on that, so I think we'll just try it after she goes through whats left of her milk in the fridge. We're still working our way up to the actual cooked egg whites too. But we are very happy that she is now able to eat cheese and her weight showed the results. She had been at the 10th percentile on weight for her age group, but now after having cheese every day, several times a day for the last 3-4 months things have certainly changed... she is getting closer to the 50% range. Her birthday photo above proves how much she has missed having dairy products in her diet; she chose cheese before any cake... but chocolate cake did soon follow! She now weighs 26lbs and is 33.5" tall. Way to go Kaelyn!

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