A Not So Ordinary Weekend

Yippee! We were able to get out of the house this last weekend and have some fun filled experiences thanks to a few of hubby's family members. The fun started Friday night when my brother-in-law Justin and his wife Amy said they would watch Kaelyn so we could go to a movie! An actual movie in a theater!! Are you kidding me!? I don't remember going to a movie since before Kaelyn was born. While we would be there Kaelyn would be able to play with her aunt, uncle and little cousin Kamalee. Kaelyn was sure excited... as was I! So the theater we went to didn't have the newest movies out. Avatar sounded like it would be the best one to see. Now since I RARELY go to the theater I never paid much attention to all the talk about it. All I knew there were some blue creatures and one blog I skimmed said it was like an all grown up Pocahontas. So what did I think after seeing it?

...the masterminds behind this movie are amazing!!! Yes, there were a few things that remind you of other movies but isn't that what we do; learn from others, add in our imagination and knowledge to make something even more magnificent? The well thought story line is great... the real importance's of life has nothing to do with money. I like how it focuses on how powerful our mind is. The graphics are also amazing! I loved the magical feel and all the details... in every aspect! If you haven't seen it I highly recommend going especially if its still in a theater near you! This is one to see on the big screen. Thank you so much Amy and Justin for letting us experience it!

Then Saturday we were off to Sioux Falls to do a little shopping... which was kind of hard since Kaelyn was super energized that day and only seemed to have one volume... super loud. I'm pretty sure everyone heard her in every store we went to! I was ready to call it a day and go home before supper but the main reason we went to S.F. in the first place was to see Monster Trucks. David's sister, Kathy and her husband, Jess gave us tickets to attend. I was kind of worried how Kaelyn would take the noise and sitting for so long, but at least she could be as loud as she wanted. But it went great!!! She was thrilled with the show and clapped and clapped. Here are some shots I took on my phone:
This was one of the crazy monster truck drivers. But he didn't come close to crazy compared to the motocross drivers! They were INSANE! They would shoot off one ramp fly through the air doing tricks and land on another ramp. One was a kid that has only been riding for a year. I just have to say his poor mother!!! He would let go of his bike completely while flying in the air. Yikes!

Kaelyn got to have cotton candy for the first time! She loved it! (Her cousin Laney made her smile extra big for this shot. Ha!) It was a great night. We all enjoyed the show very much. Thanks Jess and Kathy for inviting our family!

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