The Mastered Pout...

Have you ever seen a lip out so far???
All because she wanted a cookie! She asked me for one and I said no we were going to have supper soon. Then she goes and asks dad if she can have a cookie, and he said no she had to wait and eat supper first...(my I didn't know playing the parent card started at one!) then came the lip, and we couldn't help but laugh and take pictures! She even got to laughing so it was a happy ending and she got part of a cookie AFTER supper. :)

We had a busy but fulfilling weekend. I finished a new modern prayer painting that involved many steps. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks I'll have some good pictures to show you and can add it to my etsy shop. Anyway, since the weather was so nice we had a little fun family time out in the snow on Saturday. We went sledding on the snow piles across the street. Kaelyn was a little worried to be pushed down a hill by herself, so I ended up going with her and oh my goodness I don't remember when I've laughed so hard. I was more worried than Kaelyn and she thought it was funny and kept saying again, again when I wanted to be out on my feet again! Later Kaelyn and daddy built a snowman together, which she doesn't stop talking about and she has to look out the window to see him several times a day!

Sunday, David was given a Trustee position at church. He will be serving for 3 years! Way to go hun! I'm so proud of you! After church we finally had our last make-up Christmas party due to the snow storm. We were also able to celebrate my grandma's 87th birthday. She's 87 and going strong! Her mother made it into her 100's so I hope I take after them! So that was just a few tidbits of our weekend.

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Amy said...

I have to say this looks familiar...she looks like her cousin! :)

Jodi Ulschmid said...

Maybe that's who she learned to stick out her lip fom! Ha!