NEW Painting ~ Modern Bedtime Prayer

Here is one of my new typographic prayer paintings I mentioned working on in a previous post. I'm very happy with how it turned out and will definitely be making a block print of this for Kaelyn's room. Faith is very important to us and I have a very hard time finding fun God related gifts for children. I hope to get more prayer prints with a few different color options as well as different sayings in my etsy shop in the next month. I think they would make perfect gifts for baptisms, birthdays, baby showers or any day just because talking about God and having Him be part of your life is so important.

A few details on this new piece: A great mix of fine art and graphic design. I first designed a modern typographic piece on the computer to get all the spacing just right. Then I made it into a sticker using my plotter. Last I used my acrylic paints to give the letters a distressed look. Of course each step was a little more involved than it sounds but you get the idea of how it was created. I thought worn letters would look great and represent a lasting faith. These prayers have been around for how long? A long time. Their meaning remains the same. The font is streamlined and modern on its own but I wanted to give it more of a "wow" effect and focus on the "I Pray" so I used pink with a pop of red. This prayer is a childhood memory that I will cherish forever and I want to pass on to my daughter. I hope others can enjoy it too!
If your interested in more details and seeing a couple more photos of it, click HERE to view the print in my Enduring Arts shop.

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