a creative twenty ten

{image via faire houre}

Happy twenty ten! I hope you've had a wonderful start to your new year! I have several goals made for 2010 which include many more paintings (one is currently in progress), possibly getting into doing some more sculptures (haven't done that since college)... need a band saw for that and I don't think my husband would like me much if I took his... I might not ever get my top kitchen cabinets finished if I took it so that project of mine may be put on hold for a bit, unless I can get my hands on another one. Anyway, I would also like to make more print blocks. I made one with my "Weathering the Storm" painting quite some time ago and was planning on selling it, but I liked it so much I never put it in my Etsy shop,... so I should really get more made this year. I'm determined on focusing on my fine art this year and seeing where it takes me. I'm sure it will be quite the journey... a roller coaster even, but I'm ready for what could be an incredible ride!

I love the clock from faire houre shown in the photo above. To see more photos of Jenilyn's work check out her blog or see the clocks that are currently for sale in her etsy shop.

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