Happy Weekend!

A fitting quote for the holiday weekend don't you think?

One of my newest designs in the shop due to a custom request. :)

Thought I'd also share a few photos of what Miss K has been enjoying so far this summer...

Strawberries of course. She helps me pick them from our garden and when we're done she says lets have a picnic and eat them. So I wash them first and put them in a bowl for her and she plops down in the grass... then she always takes off her sandals. I asked her why she takes off her shoes and she told me "I like to have the grass tickle my feet!" LOVE that! I love how children think. They are so innocent and appreciate the little things. The joys they find are precious to witness.

And the next thing she's been loving the last couple days since its been hot out (in the 90's!)...

Her zebra pool. Thanks to her cousin Shania! We had gotten her a pool but it wasn't near as cute as this one and the sprinkler entertains her for a long time. It can go as high and far as you want it too. Yeah, I found that out when I thought I was turning the water off but was actually turning it the other way. Oops! Gave my garden a bit of a drink. Ha, ha! :)

I wish you all a Happy 4th of July weekend. Have fun and stay safe!


AMKreations said...

How precious! I love the pool and the suit! =)

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

Love the new design! That pool is so cute. Love the suit too! :)