My husband is a complex kind of guy. He's a talented woodworker (see his work HERE), a fantastic father, a smarty pants engineer by day, and a very determined athlete. This year he has been training hard for triathlons. Last month he was in an Olympic triathlon...
He did amazing and placed 3rd in his age group. This was his farthest swim in a race. He began swimming only 2 years ago! He is the most dedicated, determined person I know. If he goes for something he goes all out.
Coming up this next Sunday is his first half ironman which also happens to be his 30th birthday. Yeah, signing up for the event was his birthday present to himself. You could say we're not too much alike in that department. I would much rather be eating cake and watching movies on my birthday (or any day for that matter). Ha, ha. Each to their own.
Miss K and I will soon be taking a little trip with him and we'll of course be encouraging him through the race on Sunday. I just pray its not in the 90's like it has been. I can't imagine doing a 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike and 13.1 mile run in that kind of heat! More adventures (and photos) coming soon! :)

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