Follow Your Heart

First I have to say, today has been so much fun! It was a girls day, my mom, me and miss K. Kaelyn had a photo shoot at 11:00 with a special promotion that Posh Tales and Designer Genes Photography were putting on at the Hampton Inn. (Kaelyn's aunt Amy is the talented photographer for Designer Genes and her sister runs an adorable children's boutique.) I was totally unsure how this was going to go... if you know K she can't sit still for long and trying to get a good picture of her looking at the camera (forget the posing) is VERY difficult. Well when we first walked in a 5yr old girl was having her photos done and was the perfect model. She was so good at posing, being still... listening! The good thing was that Kaelyn was mesmerized by her so when it came to her turn she did awesome!!! Yay! I can't wait to see the photos. Oh, I forgot to mention that Posh Tales let you try their clothes on and model them for the pictures. It was ADORABLE! After that we went to my favorite Italian restaurant and hit a couple thrift stores. So fun and such a nice getaway from all the work projects!

Ok, so on to yesterdays art project I completed for my GYPO class. I tried some new things with this one. The original has a little more of a yellowish tinge to it that my computer doesn't seem to be picking up. I'm just letting you know because viewing it from here looks like most of it is just a drawing but in reality most of it is acrylic paint. I had never painted a "scene" on paper before so decided to try it. I almost trashed it after the first coat of paint since my first layer of gesso was not smooth and really showed steaks from the brush... but since I was short on time I kept going and was pretty happy with the end piece. I brought out details in the bird and some in the leaves below with graphite and charcoal.

{follow your heart ~ mixed media}

Of course this one has a meaning like almost all of my others. Notice that the bottom part of the piece is darker and their is a darker band in the middle of the bird... well this represents the weighted down feeling we have. There are so many times we have dreams or really want to do something but we don't... we find ourselves coming up with reasons why we can't... we hold ourselves back. The colorful rays signify following our heart, taking the leap of faith, forgetting about all the other stuff on our mind and just going for what we really want. Lets face it your not going to get anywhere if you don't fly.


mairedodd said...

that is a beautiful piece and so very meaningful... i truly love how you composed it... and glad you had a great day with miss k!

Artist Terri Smith said...

Hi Sweet Jodi! I'm So Lovin' The Meaning Behind This Piece! Yes It's So True, I Often Feel The Weight Of Uncertainty In My Work..In Almost Everything. But Once I Fall Deeper Into The Path Of My Heart, Things Suddenly Seem To Harmonize. I Also Want To Say The Acrylic Piece Previously Posted Was G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S.! Miss Jodi..Your Work Is Amazing! Also..Thank You Sweet Friend For Visiting Diana's To Share In My Recent Interview. Your Comment Meant So Much. Here's Wishing You A Wonderful Week Ahead! Hugs, Terri