Comfort Quilts {so much more than just a quilt}

Just to warn you this may be a rather long post but I hope it will be worth the read... okay just please read the entire thing. :) Thanks!

I am a believer that everyone we meet in this world was meant to teach us something... whether we learn to better ourselves from the good they do or maybe we learn from watching their mistakes... there are always lessons along the way. I met Jacki who is a fellow blogger quite some time ago. She is such a sweetheart, is supportive, and she certainly has a story of her own. She has been a joy to get to know and follow and she is the most dedicated blogger I know. You can see for yourself at Christie Cottage. She is one busy lady!

Anyway a few weeks ago she put on a giveaway (she often does) but Jacki took time to stop by my blog and leave a sweet comment and also mentioned a giveaway going on at her blog. I was so busy that I hadn't been getting around to other's blogs like I usually do but for some reason I decided to head on over there and enter. Boy things certainly happen for a reason.

So I entered the beautiful quilt giveaway that Jacki was putting on for the talented Debbie of Little Piece of Comfort. The next week when I saw Christie Cottage pop up on my blog roll I had a funny feeling and thought, "you think I won that generous giveaway?"... and sure enough there was my name as the winner!

Soon after this is what I received in the mail from Debbie:

Minky material... oh sooooo soft, so snuggly and nice and thick to keep you warm! I wanted one in my size!
The top is made with beautiful satin and has an adorable pattern on it.

Beautiful detail!

But as most things, there is even more to the story than what meets the eye. And it is the story that makes me so thankful for Jacki for hosting the giveaway, for winning Debbie's beautiful handmade treasure and learning Debbie's story of why she came up with these quilts. Let's say it was certainly in God's plan, and it was also in His plan to save her little boy... please read the story HERE.

It goes to show how so much good can come out of what seems like a horrible nightmare. God is working through all of us if we are open to it. And here Debbie is hoping to offer others comfort who need it most.

So not only are these quilts adorable and oh so comfortable but they serve a very good purpose. Just to repeat it again, from Little Piece of Comfort site, "100% of our profits will go toward the donation of these quilts to children who have a chronic disease. Though it is not a cure, this is one thing we can do for those with so many physical problems. These quilts can give love in and of themselves. Never have we seen a child of any age, 1-100, be able to put down one of these quilts without wanting to pick it up again. They are just so snuggly and soft…. and happy. It is an instant “I LOVE THIS!” We hope to instill in the children’s lives a little warmth and love where they may seem so lost and picked on in the world. So many tears are shed in those cold hospital rooms of fear and of the unknown. We would hope with all our hearts that our quilts could bring some smiles, some hugs of hope, warmth and love."

There are so many sick children, I've seen it through being a member of C.O.L.E.'s Prayer Team(a true eye and heart opener), these little one's are stuck in the hospital for an extended period of time, some don't even make it out... anything comforting that can be given to them is a blessing!

So please visit Little Piece of Comfort website HERE and Debbie's etsy shop HERE and please share the news. Supporting her shop is definitely a worthy cause and everyone who is gifted with one of her creations will love it!

I would love to keep the one I won but I am going to give it to someone who NEEDS it, whether it is at a close by shelter or in the hospital.


Christie Cottage said...

What a beautiful post!

I will be lining to this post tomorrow from my blog. I have the link on a draft but will be adding to it.

You are so sweet and kind in your words.

It is just as I said in my post from last Thursday, we come to know people we meet online as our family.

Wishing you a day joyous in the Lord!


watercolors said...

Lovely post and it's so neat how intertwinned everything is.

Jacki has touched many - me for one.

What a great story of the giveaway host shop, Debbie. What a wonderful testimony of giving.

watercolors said...

Lovely post and it's so neat how intertwinned everything is.

Jacki has touched many - me for one.

What a great story of the giveaway host shop, Debbie. What a wonderful testimony of giving.

Holly said...

I was referred here by Jacki's blog, and I just want to say that you seem like a truly wonderful person. :-)

Anonymous said...

So beautiful! Jacki is a great gal and I'm seeing that Debbie is just as wonderful!

Thank you for sharing!

sweetybird09 said...

Wow I found all that to be really interesting...the Lord is so good!

God bless all those that are doing things for children.

MYSAVIOR said...

God is awesome!
Jackie is a sweetheart♥