New Mixed Media Painting "Freedom"

I can't tell you what a crazy busy last 2 weeks I've had. Oh my goodness... we'll just say house work has been put on the back burner and there has been very little sleep. Part of that has to do with a sick little girl though. Uggh. I seriously thought I was going to fall apart on Friday from lack of sleep, so much on my plate, and a customer's package getting lost in the mail! I never thought going back to my marketing job was going to be the most peaceful part of my day. Ha!

I have so many new pieces of artwork to share but just haven't had the time to post anything. Even with such little time I am so glad to be part of the Get Your Paint On class. It has really pushed me to make art even when I feel like I'm too tired or have too many other things needing to be done. It's a way to make art a priority... which I often have a difficult time doing.

Anyway I just completed the second weeks painting assignment but thought I should go back and share the first project with you. We were told to look at Gee's Bend quilting and work that into our piece. Here is what I came up with:

Of course I had to work a whole story into it but it's pretty self explanatory. It is titled "Freedom".

Hope you are having a great weekend! I'll try to share more art pieces this next week!

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Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

I have been needing to take a 'cleaning day' around here too. lol What a beautiful piece Jodi!