Another New Painting

{acrylic design}

Taking a quick break to share last weeks GYPO project with you all. I actually just got it done yesterday and that was thanks to the big snow storm we had. There was no getting out of the house on Sunday or Monday so that meant some good painting time. Anyway we were told to pick 4 colors that we really like from something around us. I used the colors from a favorite scarf and then put together some designs from my sketch book. I find it pretty easy drawing up the designs but it's a whole different story of putting color into my pieces. Let's say its very frustrating for me and I don't think it should be so complicated! Oh well, I tried something a little out of the ordinary anyway. It's always good trying new things, right?

I think I'm gonna have to combine the class assignments with my other art challenge I'm involved in. Just found out there may very well be a showing of the groups pieces the end of April! Oh my goodness I have so much left to do... as if I'm not busy enough already! Yikes, I'm like a chicken with its head cut off. Ok, nasty image, but you get the idea. Off to get my babe to bed. (crossing my fingers she sleeps through the night... you have no idea what a rarity that is!!!) Then I just might crash... another extremely full day planned for tomorrow.

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Agata Kwiatkowska said...

I love the colors that you used, and the floral ornament. It is really beautiful work.