Started with a Bang!

Yes, our last weekend started off with a bang, both emotionally and literally. First off Friday, my father-in-law had a mild heart attack. Luckily as soon as he started having chest pains he headed to the hospital. Thank God he was there when it happened and was able to be taken care of immediately. He is now doing well but will be having another surgery soon.

The original plan for the weekend was to take in some of our town's festivities. There was an all school reunion, parade, games, suppers and lunches, a concert and a few bands playing for the street dance. They even had fireworks which we were able to see Friday night when we arrived home. We did make it downtown Saturday for lunch and to see the parade before heading back to the hospital. It was nice spending time with family... although I think my hubby's side seriously needs to find a new form of entertainment. Seems like the family get togethers in the hospital has been much too frequent... but thankful they all have been happy endings.

Monday I had more blood work done. Kaelyn said it's HER turn to see the doctor! Guess she and I are both sick of it always being my turn! :) Anyway, I did get a call this morning that the specialist who I see next week already looked at my results and wanted me put on medication immediately cuz my T levels had gone way too far the other direction. Goodness! So I still see the specialist next week and probably go through more testing. One of these days I should be good to go. I have faith! At least I've gotten used to giving blood now. Never thought that would happen. Ha!


Christie Cottage said...

So glad to read that your FIL is doing well and that your doctor put you on meds immediately.


Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

So sorry to hear about your father-in-law... but glad to hear he is alright. Now I hope those doctors can get you better! You are in my prayers Jodi! :)