Dear Computer Hacker,

So this will explain a little of what's been going on for me and why you haven't heard from me in a while, also the reason for no picture...

Dear Computer Hacker,

I applaud you for your brilliance! Really, you thought of everything. Your pop-up that looked like it was coming from my computer saying that a virus was detected [don't ever click CLEAR people!!!] to the whole security tool pop-up with a totally realistic logo was just perfect. But when the pop-up came asking for a credit card number for security for a month or year... well that's when it all fell apart, and well by that time you had already infected my computer and had used your mastermind so it wouldn't be working correctly any time soon. Although I am super impressed by your brilliance, I wonder why you don't make a legitimate living doing a job where you can stand tall and be proud of what you do? You could do anything... be the next Bill Gates! Instead you are stealing and messing with people's properties and valuable time. Sad! Someday you will be judged, and boy I wouldn't want all those negative things hanging over my head! So if there are any computer hackers reading this, I strongly urge you to clean up your act and do some good in this world. I know you are fully capable!

So anyway my desktop is nice and clean now. Funny because I've had a feeling for a while that something was going to happen. I thought it might just crash because I had too many huge files and pictures on my desktop. It had been acting kind of funny so I wasn't surprised that a virus was detected, ha, but then everything got much worse and my poor husband had to spend hours and hours fixing it and putting what he could back on. Just another reason why I love him so much! He got all my design programs up and working just in time for some custom jobs and an international order. Bless his heart!

I do have lots to share but still working on getting my computer organized and seeing what I have and don't have. Thank goodness most of my things were saved before we went on vacation. So hopefully you all can learn a little from my mistake. Save all your work... on a back up hard drive, don't put any important information on your desktop, and never click on anything you are slightly unsure about. This wasn't a little scam that's been happening so frequently through email so I wanted to warn you all.


Anonymous said...

I'm always amazed at the total lack of conscience in people...having our credit card stolen recently. Why am I surprised? I shouldn't be...in this world, we will have troubles...but thank GOD HE has overcome the world.

This was not a big problem for us and thankfully it was fixable. I'm thankful that God does care for His own.

Glad to hear everything is back up and getting in order for you.

Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

Sorry to hear that... been there! I thought the same thing when it happened to my computer, "Really, someone is spending their time creating something to damage computers? Why? What is their benefit?" What a sweet husband to help you get everything back together. I was so glad that we had Carbonite! :)


Christie Cottage said...

It just makes you feel violated!

Brilliant minds being wasted by stealing!

My card was stolen in number only. What a nightmare! I went to use it and it wouldn't o thru and I knew it should. Thank goodness they froze the account when 2 airline tickets to Malaysia were purchased!

The worse thing, they don't prosecute because there are too many doing this. All they ahd to do was go to the sirport and pick up the people who were involved as they boarded their flight!.

Thankful for GOD helping me thru the mess.

Have a blessed evening!


Jodi Ulschmid said...

It's really sad to know there are so many dishonest people. I don't know how they can sleep at night. I'm glad everyone's issue worked out, but what a hassle that no one should have to deal with! Frustrating.

Jill said...

Girl, I was wondering about you. This is just so sad and you must be furious. Thanks for reminding me that it could happen to anyone.
I hope you atleast had a nice vacation:)