A Crazy Busy Life

Yes busy is good but sometimes a breather would be nice! Ha, ha. Last week K and I were gone somewhere almost everyday and when we were home I was busy working on custom jobs. Then my husband also had 4 custom woodworking orders come in. [Woodworking is his side job... so that means seeing even less of him, which we didn't see much of him before cuz he was working on building projects for our house.] Anyway, this week looks like I'll at least be around home but busy with house projects... which is very exciting, but a lot of work at the same time. Kaelyn's still a busy bee like always and is enjoying pushing all of mommy's buttons lately. I'm wishing I could up my dose of medication to raise my T levels, but I have to wait another 3 weeks for my doctor to do it. Ugggh! It's horrible when your energy level just crashes when you have so much to do and you have to muster up all the energy you have just to stand up! I'm thankful though I have half a day where I feel pretty normal. It could be much worse!
...so if you don't hear from me for a while this may explain a little of whats going on. It's crazy, it's busy, but it's good too. :)
Happy Monday!


Christie Cottage said...

Yay for the side work for your hubby. Your daughter is beautiful!!!

I pray for your strength to last!


Anonymous said...

She's so cute! You've been busy...I hope you're able to rest and enjoy each other a bit too!

Sarah B. said...

Love that picture! Sounds like you guys are busy in a good way :). Good luck with that energy level!