"Searching" is my newest mixed media piece. Yes it is totally different from what I normally do. It's modern but oh so meaningful. And I have so many more ideas that go along with this one. So first of all I'll explain a bit about its meaning. My mind never seems to relax. You could say its pretty hyper and thoughts/ideas are always jumping around. Sometimes it about drives me crazy. There are so many creating ideas I start but never finish because I'm just not happy with them. They either don't go in the direction I had in mind or it just doesn't have the meaning... and to get my heart out there through my work is important to me. So with this idea its like my mind was finally able to explode, and oh what a good feeling it was. I first cut out individual circles out of paper. I first thought of using a paper punch but quickly vetoed that idea as I want meaning, and the most meaningful things in my life are the unique items that have a story of their own. Just like you and me, no two are a like. So for this piece the circles represent my thought and the bird is the subject that represents the viewer of the piece. From the title you get the main idea of what it is about I'm sure. We are all searching for something, whether it's the perfect job that fits us, a home, a person to share the rest of our lives with... what ever it may be that is what the red circle stands for. Although our journey may require us to go all over to find it, the perfect fit for us is there. Hopefully we won't allow ourselves to settle before we get to the red dot!
"Searching" was done on 12"x12" hard board and consists of acrylic paint, paper and a bit of charcoal. The background has a lovely white texture but is hard to see in this picture. Prints and the original will be available soon in my etsy shop. Off to work on my next piece!


Jill said...

awesome! Thanks for posting for us to see. Keep em comin'.

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jamfiescreations1 said...

Very beautiful!

Jodi Ulschmid said...

Thank you! You guys are such a great support! :)

Samantha said...

I love love love it... I love mixed media :)