Natural Beauty

I love the outdoors. The beauty, the details, the relaxing atmosphere... it's the perfect place to clear my mind. And sometimes I just have to get a photograph to remind me of the beautiful place that surrounds us. With a quick scan we may entirely miss these places that seem almost magical, but when we take the time to really look, oh there is so much to take in and enjoy!

I'm busy right now coming up with new ideas for paintings. I'm so excited. Scared too of course that the idea won't turn out like so many others I have tried. But I have to, need to keep pushing forward. I have a good feeling that I'm getting there. We can't succeed if we don't try. I'm determined to follow my heart.

How long did it take you to discover your niche? Was it something you knew right away or are you still searching to find that style that is entirely you?


Studio JRU said...

Beautiful post Jodi! You are SO right when you say that taking the time to really look shows us so much more! :)

I also have lots of new ideas floating around. And I know exactly when you mean about the fear that comes with trying something new. So glad to hear you are determined to follow your heart... that is the only way to go!


Christie Cottage said...

I think we rediscover niche, over & over. At least that is true for me.

I love to paint. Love it! But... only when I feel a certain way and then it's "watch out!" LOL

Have a blessed evening :-)


Jill said...

Great, honest post Jodi.
I do think it takes time to accept ourselves as we are. I think when we let our passion and whole heart show it can be scary and that fear can effect our freedom as artist.
Art truly is in the eye of it's beholder so you might as well go for it! Someone will love it if you do:)
Blessings to you friend. You are a talented lady.

Anonymous said...

We love outdoors too...unfortunately it's been sweltering here and I haven't gone for a walk in two days.

I love wild flowers also...I picked a bouquet just the other day from my walk...so very pretty...minus the spiders that exited the collection onto my dining room table. =)

Marci said...

You found one of my few favorite flowers....in the wild! I paid a small fortune for a row of these in the back yard, but they are worth every penny!

I wish I had the time to focus on new ideas, somehow the chaos in our house never seems to slow down. I don't know how you do it with K...maybe she just isn't as superactive as Syd...