Vacation Part 1 ~ Lake Michigan

Here are a few shots from our trip... and yes this is part 1, I decided to save the road trip pictures for another post, so these are just the ones taken from our resort on Lake Michigan and the nearby area. Just to warn you, hubby called me the paparazzi. Even K was pretty sick of me taking pictures. Ha, ha... but seriously how could you pass up the opportunity of capturing such fun moments!?

This is the front entrance to our resort. The geese would make their rounds around the place. So funny!

First time on the beach. Awe, just like being at the ocean... ok, pretty darn close. Kaelyn would squat down to play in the sand every two steps. It took a lot of encouraging to keep moving forward!

Our resort was awesome. It had a beach front with hiking paths in the back. It was like two totally different worlds.

The deer was a bit of a shock. As we were slowly walking I looked to the left and here she was standing right there close to us, sideways, not moving a muscle. I thought for sure she would run as soon as I turned on my camera and pointed it at her, but she stayed. And when Kaelyn and David started making noises to her, she looked at them and even cocked her head around the brush to look at them... then went back to eating! Awesome!

There was really no way of getting K to look at the camera when she was on the beach though. She was much too busy!

On one of our shopping days Kaelyn got her first carousel ride. I wanted off before she did. I didn't remember they went quite so fast and long! :)

Running back to play in the sand. Oh my goodness, she looked at me!!!

A daily must was swimming in the resorts pool. It was large as well as their fitness rooms, yes that has an s on the end! They really had it all in one place. Great food too. We ate on the patio overlooking the water every day. The seafood ravioli was incredible!

Kaelyn was so involved with the sand and stones she totally ignored the seagulls that walked around her. We kept telling her to look. She would finally and just say "hi, birdie" and return to looking at her treasures! (That's the resort in back of her.)

Jelly Belly factory tour and a picture of me! Ha! (That doesn't happen often.) I'm a total fashionista with the hat! Yes, it was actually mandatory that you wear them once the train ride started. Kaelyn's jabbering away and thrilled to ride a train.

Her favorite indoor place during our trip. Her mouth is filled with jelly belly's and cuddling a super soft plush jelly belly... what could be better?

Ok, the jelly belly store may tie with the swimming pool for K's favorite indoor places.

This was taken in Chicago. Acres of gorgeousness there.

Even though there was a huge, beautiful sandy beach we always seemed to gravitate towards the rockier part. We all had fun finding unique stones... and this one topped them all. David actually found it... but hadn't noticed the heart. He just saw the two colors and thought it was neat. Of course I had to take a few pics with it! ♥ my hubby!

See there's the large, beautiful sandy beach.

One more with the awesome rock! Love these two so much! The rock just fits us perfectly.

Thank you God for letting us see more of the beauty you have created. We are so thankful and feel so blessed to have shared the experience with our daughter. She actually said her bedtime prayer all by herself one of the first nights we were at the resort without even being told to say it with me. Didn't miss a word. She usually only says a couple words here and there. (That certainly warmed my heart!)
Ok, thanks for all those who read my super lengthy post! :)


Amy said...

What beauty!! Sounds like you had a great time. I can't wait til Kam is old enough to take her places like that!

Sarah B. said...

Great pics! And how about that deer?!?! It sure looks like Kaelyn is having a blast :)

Studio JRU said...

I think you make a fabulous paparazzi! :) Love the heart rock with your family in the background... that is a fantastic shot! It looks like you all had so much fun. Thanks for sharing your vacation with us! :)