New Experiences

...for Kaelyn that is. We had a wonderful and very busy fourth of July weekend and she thoroughly enjoyed all her new experiences. Here are just a few of the fun times...

Warning: A Bit of a Photo Overload :)

Ok, the camel ride was actually from last Tuesday. My brother's family has been back and when they wanted to take the kids to the zoo, how could you pass that up!? I needed a little break from the 8ft painting anyway.

Then on to this last Saturday... headed to MN with Kaelyn and my mom to meet up with cousins for a kids play date. They had a blast! Kaelyn experienced her first slip and slide. She didn't want to leave!

After church on Sunday we were off to our first lake stop to spend some more time with some of my family members who have come from away. The girls sure had fun with the bubble gun. I even thought it was cool... bubbles inside bubbles! Wow!

Then some fireworks. Kaelyn did her first snaps. Turned out being easier to just step on them to make them pop rather than throw.

K and one of her cousins.
Then it was off to another lake to spend time with hubby's family. Kaelyn started with some bug catching there.

We went boating with David's brother and wife and his niece. We all ended up jumping off the boat for a little swim. Kaelyn was even handed in for a bit. (I haven't jumped off a boat in years... it was like I was a little kid again! Ha!) Then it was back to shore to roast marshmallows and watch fireworks. Kaelyn couldn't get enough marshmallows. Pretty sure she almost ate a bag full her self.

So fun! Witnessing more firsts for Kaelyn was priceless. She was filled with delight all weekend! Couldn't have been better.


AMKreations said...

How fun! So many great memories to enjoy!

ModredVintage said...

That looks like a great 4th, how fun.

Christie Cottage said...

These are great pictures Beautiful daughter. I love the water slide pictures!