Birthday Weekend

Here are a few shots taken this last weekend from celebrating hubby's birthday.

Only little people get the fancy decorated cakes. I did make his favorite frosting though!

Kaelyn insisted it was HER birthday and was ready to dig into the cake. As soon as I put the cake on the table with the lit candles she blew all but one out. Silly girl! We started celebrating Friday night even though his actual B-day wasn't til Saturday. Grandma Shari babysat Kaelyn for awhile so we could go out for a nice supper just the two of us.

On Saturday we woke up real early so David could run in a 5K with his little sis.

It was Abbey's first 5K race and with David's help and encouragement she came in 2nd in her age group! Way to go girl!
After a family lunch we headed to the zoo. It really was like K's b-day. She loved it! And the goats loved her too.

When the geese heard Kaelyn they all started trucking over hoping she would feed them. How could you not?

Sunday, David spent a good part of the day riding his bike. He went for an 87 mile bike ride. Yeah, that is fun for him... not like most of us others, but each to their own. Ha! Then we ended the weekend with some yummy s'mores in our back yard.
Happy Birthday to this one amazing husband and father!


Studio JRU said...

Looks like he had a wonderful birthday weekend! What kind of frosting did you make him... it looks YUM-E! :)

Jodi Ulschmid said...

It's a seven minute white frosting (recipe came from his mom). I don't see the exact recipe on-line so I'll have to share it in one of my next posts.

Christie Cottage said...

The frosting on your hubby's cake looks good! These are great pictures. What a wonderful weekend!

I love the kissy face with the goat!