Strawberry Picking

The daily strawberry picking has begun. Here is the bunch from today. ♥ Love having something so yummy come out of my own garden!!! We'll see how long I can keep the bugs from getting into the patch. This year I sprayed white vinegar and put baby powder in places to keep ants and other creepy crawlies out... I guess time will tell for how well it works, but so far so good. Do you do anything special to keep unwanted guests out???

In other news, Kaelyn has had a little more energy today. The living room looks as if a tornado has gone through. :) She still has a difficult time getting any words out and is coughing with a temp that continues to vary, but I was happy to see her off the couch for a while. This upper respiratory junk has made for a pretty quite house... I'm ready to hear her sweet voice again!

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