I whole heartedly believe that everything happens for a reason. God has a great plan and it is up to us to open our mind and heart, to trust Him and follow Him. In the past five days I've had lots of time to reflect on my life. I've always been a planner. Up until now everything (big things anyway) had gone just has planned. I was lucky enough to receive a degree in graphic design, marry the man of my dreams soon after, buy a house, find a good job, have a healthy and beautiful baby girl... yes, all the major events were happening like clockwork... just how I had hoped for. Of course our life isn't always perfect (there's always so much more to every one's story) and we are always running in different directions, but overall we haven't had any "big" issues to deal with. For the first time my husband and I were unable to "plan" our next step. Our hopes of growing our family quickly dwindled after I was diagnosed with hyperthyroid which was confirmed to be Graves Disease. My health has put quite a setback on our so called perfect plan. But oddly as it may sound, the disease was a kick in the butt that I needed! It was like a wake up call from God saying He's in control, to slow down and look at life... be thankful for all that you have already been blessed with. If a radioactive treatment, being away from my husband and daughter (and all people for that matter for a few days), going through more tests is all I have to go through on the road to recovery... I am extremely lucky! My heart should finally start slowing down in the next couple of months and a heart attack shouldn't be a concern in my near future... along with several other health issues. And if all goes well and with the help of God, someday we may even be able to grow our family! Yay!

Last Wednesday, was the day for more tests at the hospital and treatment began. Luckily David and I had a little time together before one of the tests and were able to walk on a nature path. Oh how wonderful it was! To be with such a wonderful man and be in a beautiful, peaceful setting was something I needed! Listening to birds singing, watching fuzzy little ducklings zoom into place when their mama quacked, watching turtles enjoy the warmth of the sun... the simple beauties that we often don't have time to enjoy worked itself into being an unexpected highlight of the day. As we walked, I couldn't help but think this was one of God's great plans... for David and I to take a deep breathe and enjoy the simply beauty in life. Sure it's great to have goals set but when you start losing focus that your not the one in control of what happens in the end... something bigger starts to happen. My heart was filled with a new light. I am excited to see where God's journey takes me and my family from here!

♥ ♥ ♥

I have to end with how my husband welcomed me home. I know I've never told you all how awesome he is. Ha, ha! Anyway, the hardest part for me through all this was leaving him and Kaelyn. When I was saying goodbye to her, she was tearing up saying, "Don't leave me mommy, I need you!" She was still sick so it made it even harder for me. But the days pretty much flew by like usual and when I returned home, my husband was making us a wonderful lasagna supper! He and Kaelyn had also made me puppy chow... seriously was the best puppy chow I've had, and the best most thoughtful part, was that David made me a paper blog. It told about the things they did while I was away along with photos! It was completely heart warming! Now I think you would agree I have an amazing and thoughtful husband! :)

I think Kaelyn was pretty happy to have me home too. I certainly missed her hugs, smiles and humor!

My strawberry patch even seemed to welcome me! I had so many I was able to give bag fulls away.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful post...thank you for sharing from your heart the journey you are on and the revelation you have had from the Lord.

I have thought more about eternity and how we should live in light of it always. Time is just passing us by and we can miss out on so much by being so busy with other things.

God bless and touch you in your body!

Jill said...

It takes great trust in the Lord to feel blessed by your crosses.
You truly are blessed!

Priscilla Jo Neilson said...

Beautiful Jodi. . . I'm glad you're finding peace in Jesus. :) Little K. is sooooo precious. Also love the b/w photo of you three walking on the bridge.