I love summer... the warmth, the outdoor activities, the chance to get away with my family to see a new place... yes, it's my favorite time of year. My husband and I always have a million (ok a lot of) different projects going on and when you work for yourself... you just can't get away from it unless you take a trip. A few years ago we realized we aren't even good at relaxing when we get away, but we sure have fun making new discoveries and just seeing and experiencing all we can. We've actually said we need a vacation after coming home from our vacation! Ha! But we love getting the chance to visit new places and being together with no work projects around us!

When I was going through a few folders on my desktop I ran into these photos from the Outer Banks of North Carolina and my mind started to wander. The beach... one of my best friends. Why do we live so far apart!? Probably cuz I would never get anything done if I lived close by. Warm ocean water, smooth, soft sand, seashells galore... God did an amazing job!

The end of this island was covered in shells, it was hard to walk! But I found it delightful just the same. Rainbows of color and all unique with their own little story.

This beach was even more special because there were wild ponies that lived there. This is an actual island where a good number of horses have lived for years! It really felt quite magical.

Hubby and I went kayaking in Hawaii for the first time and loved the experience! When we saw they had kayaks on the shore of NC that we could rent we jumped at the chance, even though the water was rough and we saw a couple other guys really struggling to get back. It was a blast!
Yeah, I'm goofy. Every time I get the chance to be on a beautiful beach, I take a picture of it. :)

We took this trip when I was just over 3 months pregnant. Luckily it was just a couple days earlier that I had gotten over the dreadful morning (actually all day) sickness. What a wonderful celebration! My brother and sister-in-law were also stationed just a few hours away from the beach so we were able to spend time with them too.
I'm now dreaming of my next vacation. Since I love to travel and we like to go to a new place once a year, I really want to hear your recommendations. Trip planning with a 2yr old has made it a little more difficult... she's not one to sit still for long, so if you have any must see places in the states please share! Our number one place to visit is Kauai, Hawaii... most beautiful place we have ever seen! (We'll have to go back to Hawaii when Kaelyn's a little older!) Anyway, share yours!


Jill said...

i am yearning for the ocean...awww dreaming:)

ModredVintage said...

I went to Hawaii and Maui, but want to visit Kauai one day. Like you said, when the children get older.

AMKreations said...

It looks like an amazing time and my children would love the beach full of shells!!! I've never seen anything like it.

We're heading to Bethany Beach, DE this year for our vacation...I pray it's a lovely week away!

Jodi Ulschmid said...

I really want to go to the Big Island and Maui some day. Bethany Beach sounds fun too, will have to look that one up.
Yeah I recommend Beaufort, NC for all ages. The little islands just off of their are like little worlds of their own!