Father's Day Weekend

We had a specially fun weekend. The annual Longest Day 10K race was Friday night, but before daddy ran, there was a little kids 1K. When I asked Kaelyn earlier in the day if she wanted to run in a race with other little kids she said yes and was so excited she immediately started running around the house. I really had no idea what to expect. If she would back out before the race even started, if she would just go a little way and not want to go any further. You just never know what a 2 year old is going to do. Well, when we got to the soccer complex her excitement for being in a race never disappeared. She ran... she ran the ENTIRE way! I was right next to her cheering her on and every time I told her "good job Kaelyn!" she replied "thank you!" What a sweetheart! She did awesome! This is just before she crossed the finish line:

When she was done, she was saying, "again! again!" She didn't even care that she got a medal! :) Looking forward to next year!

Then it was daddy's turn to run.

He did amazing like always and had his fastest time yet of less than 40 min.! It was a beautiful evening.

One of my favorite photos from the night...

Saturday we headed to the lake to celebrate Father's Day with David's grandpa. The kids went swimming and I took a bunch of photos that I was so excited to see and wouldn't you know, the card went bad and all the photos I took were deleted. I was sad! But it was a good fun night.

Sunday started with church, then off to David's dad's house for lunch and visiting, more family stops, then off to my parent's house. The day was certainly busy but was filled with good food and family... can't get much better then that!

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Awe...love that last photo...so precious!