House Work

...and I don't mean the ordinary house work. Renovating. I'm all about turning something ugly into something nice without having to spend much. That means a lot of work by my husband and me. I'm not sure how many times we've wondered what we got ourselves into, but its always worth it in the end. Here is a quick glimpse of the hole in the wall I've been working on:

I don't have an original picture of this little bathroom upstairs. Imagine old wall paper on the walls including the ceiling. As soon as we got the house, I went through all the rooms ripping out carpet and wall paper. Little did I know wall paper was covering a ton of cracks. When I was pulling it off the ceiling a good part of the plaster came down on my head!!! Lovely! So I knocked the rest of it out and asked my sweet husband to please put sheetrock in. Currently everything has been taped and has a couple layers of mud. (I am not a fan of sanding that stuff but kept pushing forward. I had to keep telling myself, this is the last room... get it done!) Hubby knocked out the vanity for me last night so I need to get to cleaning up the mess and then start painting. I can't wait to get that ugly plastic door out of this house! I'll be sure to share more before and after pics when the room is complete.

So much to do! Better get moving!


mairedodd said...

i am so very happy that you have a partner in crime who allows your creativity to blossom! you do beautiful work... looking forward to the pictures...

Meg said...

wow, sounds like a whole lot of work!! good for you guys for diy-ing it!!