Memorial Day Weekend

First of all thank you so much to those that sent their well wishes through comments, emails and phone calls concerning my health issues. It means so much to me knowing people care!!! I meant to wish everyone a Happy Memorial Weekend on Friday but received a call on Thursday saying I had to see a specialist right away Friday so that left no time for blogging. Quick update on that: Originally the specialist was booked until August but he said my doctor and nurses who I usually see were so concerned about my health they talked him into bumping me up to be seen ASAP. Which was great... but kinda scary at the same time knowing I was a rush case. The thyroid is such a small part of the body yet it impacts virtually every organ we have. Anyway, the specialist expected Grave's Disease as soon as he saw me. He ran a few more tests on me and I'm supposed to know the results today or tomorrow so immediate treatment can follow. It is crazy how your life can flip around so quickly but it reminds me that I'm not in control... God is and He has something better in store. I am thankful and hopeful for this new journey I am beginning.

Onto more of the fun weekend happenings... Saturday we headed north to spend some time with my husbands family. I really wish I had my camera because the kids decided to go swimming in the lake and Kaelyn said, "I swim too!!!" Last year she wanted nothing to do with the lake... not even to put her feet in. I didn't bring her swimsuit since I figured the water would be too cold and she wouldn't want to go. Was I ever wrong. What started with just putting her feet in went to soaked clothes pretty quickly. I had tried to save them and have her daddy take them off but as he was removing them a wave hit her and got most of it wet. So she was practically skinny dipping and squealing with delight... splashing and almost being knocked over numerous times by waves. She didn't mind the cold water at all and was not happy to get out.

Monday we went to a Memorial Service... a wonderful reminder on how selfless soldiers are. How strong they are to leave their families, to risk their lives and fight for our country... the soldiers who pay the ultimate price. We have so much to be thankful for!
After the service Kaelyn's little friend came over to play for a bit. It was Lizzy's 3rd birthday, so letting the girls play was a must before we could head to another lake to meet up with my side of the family.
Although Kaelyn didn't want to leave her friend, the idea of being able to play at the lake again made it easier. :)

I brought my camera this time!
Little stinker was trying to splash me! :)

Overall it was a relaxing weekend filled with good food, games and family.

I hope you had a great Memorial Weekend!


Wendy said...

Love the blogs!!! Was a fun weekend. I sure like all the photos you put on here!! Let me know as soon as you hear results. I had to have blood drawn today and now do a 24 hour urine test. I thought I was going to die last night after eating something sweet. I think I went hypoglycemic immediately. We are all old and falling apart!

Jill said...

been thinking about you and praying for you.
Any word yet on your results?
Find strength in the Lord, He will carry you.