A Quick Christmas Eve Celebration

{our living room}

Well the weather shortened our regular Christmas Eve get together so since we were home earlier than expected I thought I would share a few photos. I did very little Christmas decorating this year but our place still looks festive with the tree and our nativity scene. I just love the sparkling reflections dancing around the room from the lights. In the below picture if you look out the window you can see the large nativity that is outside of our church! Love that!

Oh, and you know what I love about our Christmas tree? It only cost $5!! Well, like $12 if you add on the decorations. I must say I love thrift shopping and finding good deals. I was glad the store didn't "fluff" out the branches so it looked homely and no one else wanted to buy it. It was meant to be in our family. Ha!

Okay, on to a few shots from tonight of Miss Kaelyn. It was not a good day for Kaelyn to go without a nap! She had quiet an attitude all night long and during the candlelight service at church. I even had to take her out to quiet her down half way through. You at least get a glimpse of her Christmas dress.

She was much more interested in running away from me or telling other things like the tripod and her wooden horse to say "cheese"!

I keep thinking back to last year's Christmas Eve. Family came to our house after the candlelight service and Kaelyn started walking across the room that night for the first time. She was 10 months old and I almost cried because for the first time she didn't seem so "little" any more. Now I can't get her to stop moving. But we love the energy and laughter she brings to our family. We are extremely blessed!

This year we celebrated Christmas Eve at Kaelyn's Great Grandma Ferne's house. We had lots of yummy soups and a few presents were opened. Kaelyn got this beautiful hat from her Grandma Shari (with her in the photo) who had made it especially for her. So cute!

Snow and blowing started during the church service so the get together was shortened. We were lucky because it was supposed to start earlier and we thought everything would be cancelled. We're supposed to host a Christmas gathering at our house but am thinking most of the people won't be able to make it. Makes it real hard for me not knowing and deciding what to do with food. I'm one that likes set plans so this is a little hard for me. We'll see how it all unfolds soon.

I hope you are all having (or had) a wonderful Christmas Eve!

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