Miss Kaelyn Jade

After a trip to the post office, Kaelyn's afternoon was filled with somersaults and giggles. She's been trying to do one for several months but just hadn't had the guts to go through with it until today. When she finally did it, she would giggle and yell "Again, again!" This would go on and on! Very funny!

Although she has had quite an attitude lately, she can also be a sweet well mannered little lady... saying please when she asks for something and saying thank you for almost everything she is given! I haven't even been working with her on that part! She can be quite the conversationalist at times too and it is a kill to hear what she comes up with. Other then that, its like there is a broken record around here, saying "Mommy". I must hear it a few thousand times a day. Most of the time she doesn't even want anything. Goofy girl!

We had another busy but good weekend. Friday David's sister Kathy was released from the hospital!!!! She is doing incredible and is a true miracle. We had a supper get together to celebrate at David's mom's house. She will still need therapy 3 times a week and her right arm still isn't working like it should but hopefully in time that will recover too. Thank you all for your prayers! On Saturday we had a photo session and finished up some Christmas shopping in Sioux Falls. Will be the last trip there for quite awhile I believe. Our going there every weekend was getting a bit old... although I will definitely miss eating at Panera Bread. I love their food!!! Sunday we were able to web cam with my brother's family who is over in England. It's hard not being able to see and hug my little nephew in person but at least I get to see him moving around via the computer. Technology is wonderful!

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