A Must Have for Indoor Cats!

Litter Mate, oh what an incredible product you are! If you have an indoor cat I highly recommend trying this product! If your like me and can't stand the smell of a used litter box and hate how the nasty aroma spreads to nearby rooms you will love how Litter Mate works. Here are a few wonders of this product:
Makes any brand of dry cat litter scoopable. (No more clumps breaking apart and you can use the least expensive litter!)
Stops litter box odor and wetness. (My whole house smells good again and you would never know a cat lives here... other than the hair!)
Controls dust.
Multiple cats will use one litter box.
Eliminates litter box dumping. (Amazing!!!)
Reduces the Cost of maintaining a litter box.
Easy to follow directions and easy to use.
LitterMate is biodegradable, economical, safe and effective

I have to thank my cousin for sharing this product with me. She was the one to see Litter Mate at a cat show and they gave her some tips. They said its better to use a larger litter box rather then the standard size ones because the cats will usually urinate in the corners and if you you haven't used Litter Mate the nasty smell has more than likely penetrated into your litter box. This new box has enough space for your kitty and there will be no more icky corners. It doesn't have to be an actual cat litter pan but something like the above photo works great. I have a large potting/multi purpose box that is the same size as this litter pan which works great. They also suggest a metal scoop.
I found my Litter Mate at a pet shop and it was in a plain old cardboard box with the logo on a sticker. Nothing fancy. Not sure how many places it is available yet but you are able to purchase it from their website. You can also find it at some cat shows. I'm telling you, its totally worth the money and it lasts for a long time!

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