Our Christmas

{one gift from Santa}

It was sure an interesting Christmas. We didn't make it to Kaelyn's Grandma Cindy's for Christmas morning as planned. We had to postpone the get together for Sunday. So Friday morning was a nice little time with just the three of us. Kaelyn enjoyed opening all the presents Santa brought. She had to open each one completely so she could play with it before moving on to the next gift... all her idea! So it was good we weren't in any rush to get somewhere else!

Friday night I still had no idea who would be able to make it to our house on Saturday for lunch. So I was busy cleaning and making lots of food. I don't think I have ever spent so much time in the kitchen. My sweet husband picked up all the ingredients for me so I could make a roast (started at 5am Saturday), ham, mashed potatoes and gravy, green bean casserole, cookie salad, pasta primavera salad, chewy oatmeal cookies, a pumpkin cake, and almond bark treats, and a carmel french toast dish for Friday morning. The best thing that came out of our kitchen, luckily... since I had never made it before and we changed a few things from the recipe was a linguine tart! It sure took some time to make but it turned out really good! I will share the recipe with all of you soon. I think it beats all pasta that I've ever ordered out. So on to the get together... later Saturday morning I found out 6 people couldn't make it due to the snow. Luckily we still had 9 people to come and eat. We still have a fridge full but at least I won't have to cook again for awhile!

{Kaelyn enjoying her ride}

{Sunday morning car ride}

We were able to make it to Henry on Sunday for a couple Christmas's on David's side. We had a great time and we were finally able to relax. Kaelyn was even partied out and fell asleep on my lap late Sunday afternoon... that never happens, so I enjoyed the cuddling time!

Kaelyn loved everything Santa and family brought her this Christmas. Today I'm enjoying the quiet and Kaelyn was jumping from one gift to another, and I can say she doesn't like any one thing better than another. Thank you to all of our family who made it extra special and to all those who sent holiday greetings! We loved all the pictures, cards and letters! We hope you all had a happy and safe holiday.

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