Weekend Wedding Plus

Our days have been well filled, which has left little time for blogging. I did want to get a few fun photos posted from this last weekend though and share a little of what we've been up to. Last week I got a fairly large load of Kaelyn's baby stuff ready to consign for a Children's sale. A percentage of the profits go to charity which is nice and the consignor's also make a bit themselves. It was definitely nice getting rid of some big stuff but it is kinda sad to see it go too. It's crazy how much space baby stuff takes up!

Saturday our family headed to a wedding. Kaelyn was exceptionally good through the whole service. I had no idea how it would go as the ceremony was during her usual nap time. Usually when she's tired she falls apart. Other then having to run to the potty a couple times just minutes before the wedding started, she stayed nice and quiet and just watched all the people around her.

Then on to the reception. K had a blast! Well before the dance ever started she wanted to show her moves on the dance floor. It was so cute. Not too much time went by and more kids joined her and here is a shot of them making their own train. The little girls were bundles of giggles and the older boy got a kick out of them too.

{me & my girl}

When the dance finally started K was mesmerized by the balloons. It was so funny with everyone dancing around her and she was just still holding onto a balloon. She acted like it was her job to hold it and couldn't do anything else at the same time. Ha!

Several people got a kick out of her and started handing her balloons. The guy thought she might start floating if he gave her enough. :)

{watching the newlyweds with daddy}

When she FINALLY let the balloons go and started dancing and pulled me out to dance with her they changed to the dollar dance so the actual dancing scene for her was short lived. We had fun, and she went the whole day without a nap which led to her sleeping all night... wow! That doesn't happen around here. She never sleeps!
On Sunday, we headed up to hubby's dad's place to give him a bike that David fixed up. David really needs to start taking before and after pictures of the bikes he fixes up because they turn out amazing. When David told me he was making his dad a CASE orange bike I kinda wondered, but after seeing it done, I love how it turned out...

Isn't it a beauty?! There's even a blinkie under the seat for any night riding. :) I hope his dad will put it to good use. It's definitely a good addition after having his heart attack.
I think I'll be adding a turquoise bike to my wish list. Good for your health and who doesn't want to ride in fashion!


Christie Cottage said...

I love the picture of your daughter (first one on dance floor).

The bike is cool!

Have a great day!


Kelly Berkey said...

sweet photos! i wonder if she is already dreaming about her big day:-)

Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

Kaelyn is SO cute! It looks like she had so much fun at the wedding! That bike is so cool! :)