Photo Book Revisited!

Some of you have wondered what happened to Kaelyn's first year photo book. I was finishing up the pages at night when we were on our vacation and when we got home soon after my computer was hacked so I lost quite a bit of my work on it. That made me lose all ambition for completing it for awhile... until I received an email from Blurb saying if I got it published before the end of August I would save $10. Well, that was enough to get me in gear again and I'm glad, because it is now finished and I finally have a few pictures of it to share with you. They don't show the details all that well, but I didn't want to make you wait any longer. So here it is... 110 pages, 7 inches by 7 inches, wrap around hard cover...

I used a variety of patterned papers to break up the abundance of photos and the other page I used as a journal... things about the pregnancy, after she was born and major events in her life... events I thought she would enjoy reading when she was older.

Kaelyn's definitely enjoying looking at the pictures!

All of the photos in the book except maybe 5 were taken with my Nikon 8700. Nothing overly fancy but does the job well and it takes little movie clips which are fun.

Here Kaelyn's looking at 2 photos taken by her aunt Amy.

For the back I scanned in K's footprints that were done at the hospital. It says [first footprints] so tiny yet already leaving large impressions.

I am very happy to be done with the book! It took several late nights and there were times I couldn't picture an end in sight, but I'm glad I pushed through it.

If you are thinking of making a book I suggest signing up with the company early on so you can get in on a good offer/discount. Make sure the photos you use are high quality, you can raise the dpi so they won't look pixelated if you enlarge them.

I upgraded with the premium paper from Blurb and I'm glad I did. That way when Kaelyn looks at it, it won't be easily damaged. The cover is also very durable so I'm very happy with that. The printing is a bit grainier than I would like. You can see it around letters and some of the pictures, but I'm very picky from making my own art prints. So overall, I'm a happy customer and will probably make another book using Blurb.

If you have any questions about making the book that I may have missed answering please let me know.


Creatissimo said...

beautiful book :). And thanks for your 'review'. It will help me to give it a try one day... (I dream about it for a long time).

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

It is fantastic! What a neat idea to have such a great memory book like that. I love the footprints on the back! Kaelyn is so cute looking through it! :)

LjWood said...

Too, too sweet. I especially love the footprints in the back :)

Christie Cottage said...

That is a cool book! What a keepsake. Bravo for you having it printed. It this age of dogotal cameras, some kids will never see their pictures in print!

Have a great weekend!