Talented Photographer Kevin Bierbaum

I was planning on sharing a family photo that the talented new photographer, Kevin Bierbaum, took of us but then I decided not to because it will be a better surprise for those of you family members and close friends that get a card from us every Christmas. I will be sure to share them on here later though for everyone to see. I was so impressed by Kevin's photos he took of my husband this summer riding his bike. They turned out amazing! I love the vivid colors and the beautiful South Dakota background! I was thrilled when he decided to practice with us on some family portraits! We have very few good ones of our family so I was elated when he got a few great ones of the three of us in the great outdoors. Although, portraits aren't one of his favorite photography subjects he will be glad to do it and he does an amazing job!!! Check out Kevin's website for some beautiful nature and still life photographs.
Here are some more shots he took of David...Thanks Kevin for all the photographs you took of David biking and running and of our family! They are such wonderful keepsakes! The memories will last forever through your work and will mean a lot to our children one day. Keep up the amazing work!

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