Sweet Fairy

Happy Halloween! Tuesday night I finished making part of her costume. I thought their needed to be some pink and extra fluff on the bottom so I made a pink tutu to go under the green one, then made the head piece, and wrapped some matching pink and green flowers with tulle. Wednesday I thought I would be able to take some pictures of her in the costume but she had an awful attitude that day and wouldn't allow the head piece to touch her head... which she usually loves headbands, hats and clips. I thought oh great who knows if she will ever want to wear the costume. Thursday though I found her trying to put everything on herself and was getting frustrated. She put on the head piece and said she was "pretty". So I knew I had to get some photos later that day. When daddy came home I figured he could help distract her to sit nice for the camera. She of course didn't want to sit still, was running around her room, sorting through her books and dancing. I just know I have to take a whole bunch so I can hopefully get a couple good ones. When she had finally had enough and was changed back to regular play clothes and I was going through the pictures on the computer, she went and got her wings!!! Her wings that I had totally forgot to put on for the pictures(shown above)!!! Wings make the whole costume, so to my great delight I knew I had to try all over again. I didn't think their would be any chance of her wanting to do any more that day but after her night sippy I asked her if she wanted to put her costume back on and she yelled "yeah!!!" so back to her room we went for more pictures. So here is the fairy with wings...
She took a second to see what she looked like. This shot showed the tutu the best. Then she was off to grab a book.
She would NOT look at mommy when she's busy looking at a book! :)

Have a great weekend everybody!

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Jodi L. Spilde said...

Really great stuff, Jodi! Wow! The costume is so amazing, and I love all of your inspirations and new paintings!! You continue to amaze me! :)