A New Week...

Photo by i.Anton

A bit of magic to lighten your heart... that's what i.Anton's photos do for me. Simply amazing photography! Hopefully this is a start to a much better week. I couldn't believe all the horrible news that kept coming last week. Since there was too much of it and I don't want this to be a depressing blog I will just say, health and family are blessings often overlooked. Don't take either for granted because in a blink of an eye everything can change!

So onto better news. I finally got outside yesterday afternoon to get some good photos of artwork to share this week. It took so long since Kaelyn and I were both sick this last week on top of everything else. I will soon share the finished commissioned painting with you and "Spreading Her Wings" print will be available in my Enduring Arts etsy shop within the next couple of days.

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