Treasury Feature

I was pleasantly surprised to get an email saying one of my paintings was featured in an Etsy treasury. Thank you FiveSparrows for featuring "Seeking Your Path"! It is so much fun getting comments and emails about your work and knowing people really enjoy it.

Well tomorrow should go back to a fairly normal schedule. This last weekend was full of remodeling projects. Saturday was full of problems which I won't get into all the details here, but it was a disaster! I think David hopes to never put in another piece of carpet too. He is so good at it though! :) Now I have lots of things to move around and get organized. David is currently working on a banister for the upstairs hallway. His next project after that is commissioned kitchen cabinets. So I won't be seeing him much for the next 3 months. As for me, other than doing a lot of painting in our upstairs, I've been working on a commissioned acrylic painting of a newly built house in Minnesota and another project involving a photography retouching piece of a Bantam which I will post pictures of when I'm done. Hoping both projects go smoothly and turn out well! Never a dull moment in our household and Kaelyn can't get enough of the newly carpeted stairs... even if she does fall down them! What a determined little bugger! Have a great week everyone!

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