Creative Work Spaces I Heart

{Image by cplamann via Apartment Therapy}
So one of the last rooms in our house to be remodeled is my art room. I've looked at a few different spaces that inspire me. The one above is the most realistic for my space. I like how the fabric is used to hide the less pretty things... aka junk. My studio will have a lot more art and craft supplies then the one shown and I'm sure it will be quite a bit messier!

{Images via Anahata Katkin's Blog}

I absolutely love this pink office space. I can be quite the girly girl sometimes. (However I wasn't so when I was younger and I grew up on a farm with a hunting family and horses, so anyone with that background knows what I'm talking about!) My art room won't be near large enough to do this setup. The intricate wood details are awesome! I'm thinking my husband wouldn't get around to doing that project for me. Anyways, just wanted to share the beautiful space.

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