Fun Photos!

I'll start from earlier last week... I finished the painting of Kaelyn! It was taken from a photo when she was four months old. Its a fun piece to decorate her room with and the light pink looks nice against her light lime green wall. David and I did get a bunch of remodeling projects completed. His upstairs railing is now in and lots of carpeting and painting is done as well. Still one more room and a bathroom left to do in our upstairs. Not looking forward to that project!

Moving on to last Friday, it was a fun day rather than the normal design/work day. Kaelyn was elated too since her little friend Sydney came to spend the day with her. Not long after Syd came in our door Kaelyn was giving her a hug. So cute! (Sydney is a little less than 2 months older than Kaelyn.) After playing for awhile, us moms decided to take the girls out for a little photo shoot. Of course Miss Kaelyn never looked at my camera once but I still happened to get some pretty cute shots of her.
This was my main view of Kaelyn. She loved running across the bridge.

One of my favorite photos captured, even though she was looking at the other two.We brought bubbles along for the girls, and after I blew some for them they decided to take over. Marci captured the one above of Sydney sharing and letting Kaelyn blow.
This was on the stroller ride home. The girls would hold hands only when being pushed. Glad I grabbed my camera to capture it even if it was a little hard to push straight and take a good picture. Come visit again soon girls! Kaelyn always shows her best behavior when she's around the two of you.

Busy week ahead. Need to get a lot of work done on the commissioned painting and really hoping to get some other design projects done that I've been hoping to do for awhile. Trying to get as much done before working on the third issue of Touched Creatively. Have a great week everyone!

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