Growing up so quickly...

I am still in shock at how fast kids grow up. It seems like we just had Kaelyn. Why do they have to grow up so fast? Its like she went from 2 months to 19 months in no time. She sure is at a fun age though. She has us cracking up everyday with something new. Whether its her answers to our questions or imitating us. I wasn't feeling well last night and David put his wrist on my head to see if I had a temp. Five minutes later Kaelyn comes up puts her wrist on my cheek and I was wondering what she was doing. Then she crawls up on me and puts it on my forehead and I had to laugh; I realized what she was doing. The whole night she was Nurse Kaelyn seeing if my temp was okay! Due to a headache, sore throat, and an on and off again stomach ache I wasn't able to make it to art studio day today. I had been planning on going for a month, and was ready to get my commissioned painting finished up. Was bummed about that but I did work on it for awhile this afternoon at home. I've also been working on a picture of Kaelyn at night. It will work perfect in her room when I get it done. It makes her smile too.
I only have about a quarter left on Kaelyn's picture. This was when she was 4 months old. I love her smile! It makes the commissioned painting look small but really Kaelyn's is quite large. It is 2 feet wide! The house painting is only about half done. I have a lot of details needing to be added. I will post more pictures once they are completed. Have a great rest of the weekend and stay healthy!

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