Our Weekend

Our weekend flew by like most. Saturday was spent working on projects for our church and then that night I went to listen to a speaker and watch a fashion show. (I have lots to tell you about the speaker but that deserves a separate thought out post.) Sunday was a nice relaxing day. We decided to enjoy some outdoor family time.

I love the peacefulness of the outdoors and listening to the birds sing!

We went on a family bike ride. This picture makes me laugh. Kaelyn looks so tiny with just her eyes showing. :)

After biking around for awhile it started raining on us... not lightly either. Good thing K was in the cart that had a plastic shield to cover the front. I had a hard time seeing and when we finally made it back to the truck hubby was laughing at me and told me to look in the mirror. I had mud splattered on my face! I was beautiful! Ha, ha! It was fun even though I was drenched and polka dotted with mud.

A good thing about the rain... it made wonderful puddles for Kaelyn to play in!

I have to say yay for the $1 rain boots I found at a garage sale. Worth every penny. She loves them and puts them to good use as you can see.

Then David went on a swim to do more training for his triathlon and half ironman coming up. Glad I didn't have to get in the water. Burr!!!

Instead I took lots of pictures of the beauty around us.


Jen @Sadie Inspired said...

Beautiful pictures! I love how you made her rain boots green in the black and white photo! Too cute!

Jodi Ulschmid said...

Thanks! :)